What are the top five simple driving safety techniques?

Top 5 Techniques driving during rainy season


The rainy season in Thailand starts from the middle of May until the end of October. According to previous statistics from the Meteorological Department, the rainy season has the highest number of car accidents on the road. Because the weather had mostly darkened, it was difficult to drive the automobile. The roadside landscape has deteriorated. The road may be slick, which might lead to an overturned car. I’d like to list the top five techniques to drive safely during Thailand’s rainy season.

1.      Check the quality of car

The quality of the automobile, such as the gear, battery, and notably the brake system, should be high. The tire also should be of excellent quality and roadholding. Because a poor quality tire might cause your automobile to careen when  you brake. Furthermore, a windshield wiper system should be working normally.

2.      Keep distancing

Keep a 10-15 meter space between your car and the automobile in front of you so that if the car in front brakes quickly, you may also brake safely. However, it is also safe for your automobile to avoid being hit from behind.

3.      Avoid opening high beam

Some drivers believe that when it rains, they must turn on the high beam and emergency beam, but this is not entirely true since turning on the high beam will pierce the eyes of the automobile that has come to dazzle. Furthermore, turning on the emergency lights causes the automobile behind you to get confused.

4.      Swerving carefully

During the rainy season, you should control the steering wheel as well as the direction of the automobile when swerving. Because some car accidents occur when the driver swerves and crashes into a wall. Moreover, it is a high peril when you drive the car up to the mountains or some locations where the route has a high slope.

5.      Avoid braking suddenly

Rainfall has soaked the road, making it very slippery. The driver should not instantly halt or brake the car since the automobile may careen into the front car. This also leads to automobile strikes from the car behind you. In this situation, you should slow down and use a soft brake. If it is necessary to immediately brake, you should open the emergency light as a signal to let the car behind you know.


These are the top five basic techniques of driving for you to be safe during the rainy season in Thailand. Accidents can happen all the time, so I strongly advise you to purchase car insurance in Thailand to be a security tool for your life. Rabbit Care is highly recommended since there are many coverage such as cost of repairing, 24-hour roadside assistance service, and others. The premium rate is affordable as well. Interestingly, if you have a good record, meaning that you never claim for automobile insurance, the renewal premium for the next year will be decreased to 70% which is valuable. If you are interested in car insurance, purchasing from Rabbit Care would be our suggestion.

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