Find Up-To-The-Minute Breaking News on your hard drive

When there is one lofty goal that the Internet hoped to fill, it’s to see and educate. If you should be a news junkie or if you simply want to have the headlines come for you instead of you searching for the headlines, consider tapping to the incredible power of the Internet. There are many various ways you are able to stay informed on breaking news events locally, nationally, and round the world. The following isn’t a whole list, but it is a great place to start if you wish to begin utilizing the net for news.

RSS Feeds

An RSS feed is an excellent invention that enables you to be notified everytime your chosen website has new content for you yourself to enjoy. This kind of feed works newspaper headlines  best with blogs that are updated a half dozen times per day. A website like CNN, that is updated repeatedly one hour, can drown a person in RSS notifications. To register for an RSS feed, enable them in your browser and then go through the orange triangle RSS logo on any website that you wish to be notified about. When breaking news happens, you’ll know within seconds.


Twitter is the latest social networking application on the Internet. It enables you to contribute to a variety of other users, including major daily newspapers from across the world, worldwide news outlets, and even local television stations. Many of these news outlets will send out a tweet whenever a major story breaks, and when something just like the death of Michael Jackson happens, you’ll likely hear about any of it from 50 sources all at once. The energy of Twitter to check out breaking news is merely unparalleled, and it’s now widely considered to be an invaluable news gathering tool.

News Websites

Every major news outlet from CNN to the local weekly paper features a website. Many of these websites are updated during the day, everyday of the week, to reflect breaking news stories. Granted, some of these stories are only the most recent tale of a cat stuck in a tree, but when those will be the types of stories you’re looking to check out, then this is the service for you. It only takes a few minutes to jump from news website to news website, and you’ll always be current on the most recent breaking news.

Email Alerts

Nearly every major news site allows users to register for email alerts. A message alert is sent out whenever a major breaking news story hits and since these emails can be forwarded to your portable device, you’ll never be without your lifeline to breaking news. These services are free for the present time, however some news outlets have mentioned charging for them in the future.

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