Can the particular ipad tablet Modify Newspaper Getting Behavior?

The Apple iPad is being discussed while the saviour of newspapers by publishers and commentators round the world. While it will take some time to understand perhaps the iPad will deliver a bankable revenue stream to newspaper publishers, the bigger question for newspaper retailers is perhaps the iPad will impact on newspaper buying habits.

Consumers buy newspapers out of habit and for an immediate need. I claim that in both situations, the iPad is not likely to impact noticeably on the purchase patterns, not for the following several years at least.

While iPad sales have already been excellent in the United States in the first weeks following release, it will take years to achieve the degree of critical mass necessary to have a viable channel. The following barrier is app up take.

Each iPad user wanting to get into a newspaper, national or local, will need to purchase a software, a registration to the newspaper. The present pricing model is not totally all that attractive.  pool result While I expect plenty of iPad users to check newspapers, I suspect that it will take some time for people to see an on-going commitment.

Newspaper publishers themselves are just just starting to become accustomed to the new platform. The versions of newspapers today on the iPad will appear archaic in just a few months. It a couple of years we will not recognise them when comparing to what will be around them.

Increase the challenge of the new technology and the early versions of newspapers the issue of the technology itself – the requirement for power and the requirement for internet access. Every one of these factors is just a barrier which will slow getting to the level where we notice an effect on sales.

Depending on the location, single copy newspaper sales, sales non-prescription, can account fully for 33% of most newspaper sales. Many of these are to infrequent purchasers. These clients are unlikely to adopt a technology solution in even the medium term.

Physical newspapers win over the iPad today for convenience, price per copy and flexibility when it comes to the way you communicate with the product. These benefits can and will be combated by the technology however not immediately. This is the reason retailers selling newspapers have the opportunity in the short term to keep to leverage print newspaper sales.

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